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Allied International Credit (UK) Ltd is part of a global organization which operates from nine facilities with 2400+ production seats and offer solutions including Live Agent support, Multi-channel Technology and Professional Services.
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Core Services

First-Party Accounts Receivable Management

First-Party Accounts Receivable Management
Data Cleanse/Scrub
On-site or WFH Agents
When it comes to ARM, we know a thing or two about how to maximize your return. While working as an extension of your brand, our Agents can help support your business by offering guidance to your customers while leading them to solutions to ensure customer retention to meet your goals.

Third-Party Accounts Receivable Management

Third-Party Support For Collections Efforts
Legal Recovery
Data Cleanse/Scrub
Third-party Accounts Receivable Management services are your post charge-off collections, and our Agents are experts at maximizing your return. Here our Agents operate under the “Allied International Credit” brand while recovering your debt and ensure that we protect your brand and customer experience.

Customer Sales and Acquisition

Lead Generation/Conversion
Verification Calls
Warranty Extensions
Appointment Booking
Making a great first impression sets the tone for the entire customer-brand relationship, and we have solved many challenges for our clients with this in mind. Once we learn about your goals and your customers’ needs, we can work with you to ensure your brand makes the perfect first impression.

Customer Service

Technical Support
Roadside Assistance Triage
Customer Support
Welcome Calls
Onsite or WFH
Be where your customers are. In today’s environment, the customer experience is in the hands of your customers with one call or click away. Our agile infrastructure allows for 100% uptime and 24/7/365 support for your Customer Service needs. With the right strategy for your brand, we will help create a customer experience best suits your business goals and ensure your customers have the support they need when they need it.

Multichannel & Technology Based Solutions

Web Chat
Contract Management
Data Entry
Application Processing
SMS Text
Call Quality Assurance
Email Campaign/Sending And Responding
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Multichannel and technological solutions work in every sector of your business. From fraud alert emails to two-factor authentication on voice calls, AIC’s technology solutions provides our Clients with a full omnichannel approach to customer communications and contact.

Professional Services

The Flight Plan™
Workforce Management (WFM)
Training Services
Solutions Architect
Outsourcing today has evolved and with that, we have elevated our professional services to key areas that clients look to us for when growing their business. Whether you are looking to build your strategy with The Flight Plan™ or Solutions Architect services, to WFM and enhanced training services, we can help you meet your goals.

What Our Clients Say

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From Humble Beginnings...

Our company was founded in 1955 in Toronto, Ontario, by John Rae.

Originally operating as Allied International Credit (AIC), and focusing solely on accounts receivable management, the company quickly established roots in the U.K., and branched into the customer service realm.

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Family business scene
Today, we still operate as a family business led by David Rae and the executive team. As professionals in Outsourcing and Account Receivable Management services since 1955, we pride ourselves on working with your customers to achieve the best outcomes in line with both your business and your customers.

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